Vila Kosodrevina has a great location. Located approximately 2 min. walk from the “Lakes of love”.
Strbske Pleso is great starting point for many hiking trails. For example:

1. Strbske Pleso – Popradské pleso. Easy trek, duration approx 1:15 hr
The route is simple, little tourists can handle it easily. It ends at the Chata pri Popradskom plese (chalet). As the name implies, the chalet is located at the Popradske Pleso (tarn). Near the chalet (about 10 min.) is so-called “Symbolicky cintorin” (cemetery), which is dedicated to the victims of Tatras. A special feature is especially hand-carved wooden crosses and chapel.
From the Chata pri Popradskom plese you can further continue to Hincove plesa (tarns), to Rysy (peak), to Vysne Koprove sedlo (saddle), to Batizovske plesa (tarns), Sliezsky dom, or to the Tatra electric railway stop Popradske Pleso (approx. 45 min. asphalt road).

2. Štrbské Pleso – Mlynická Valley. In this valley is a very interesting “Waterfall Jump”, which is about 1:15 hr from Strbske Pleso. It is also possible to do round trip around Capie and Whalenbergovo Pleso (lake) and go back to Strbske Pleso (either by Solisko cable car or on foot via Furkotska Valley). Round trip is more difficult and it is for more experienced hikers.
3. Strbske Pleso – Jamske lake – Krivan. Walk to the Jamska lake is not difficult, but Krivan is suitable for more experienced hikers.


Strbske Pleso offers besides hiking a pleasant walk around the Strbske Pleso (lake). There is an „oxygen route“ at the lake with the opportunity to exercise during the walks.
Discover the history, unique wildlife – flora, fauna, personalities who acted at Strbske Pleso, sporting events and many other information on the new “Educational trail Strbske Pleso”. Trail starts directly at the Vila Kosodrevina!

Cycle routes

Blue cycle route – if you follow one-way mountain route no. 10 (6.4 km) from Strbske Pleso, you will get to Popradske pleso.
See the list of cycle routes in the High Tatras at

Summer attractions

Have fun in the „Squirrel rope park“ – located next to the train station. It consists of two types of line – track mini and track for adults. This is built of 25 rope obstacles placed in trees at a height of about 5 m and it is 320 m long.
Boating on Strbske Pleso is a popular free time summer activity with a touch of nostalgia.The tradition of boating in the Tatras is more than 130 years old. Boating on Štrbské pleso was restored in 2008 after 25 years.
Attractions for children are available during the summer season in the Strbske Pleso (trampoline, cars, boats…).
Several geocaches are hidden around Strbske Pleso for the geocaching fans…
There are several possibilities of regeneration in local wellness centers, resting in cafes, restaurants etc. Everything within the walking distance from Vila Kosodrevina.


Ski resort Štrbské Pleso

The resort of Strbske Pleso is the highest located ski resort, whose lower cable car station is located at the altitude of 1.400 m and ski season is the longest one in Slovakia. It attracts skiers with great snow conditions, excellent tracks for slalom, downhill or cross-country skiing and top-standard services. Easy to medium ski slopes are popular with families and experienced skiers as well.
Skiers can enjoy 9 km of slopes, including 2 km of new ones, all with artificial snow. Of all resorts in the High Tatras, night skiing is available here only.
Adrenaline lovers can visit an attractive snow park located on the left side of the Interski slope, where popular sports – adrenaline competitions are held every year.

Cross-country skiing

The largest cross-country skiing area in the Tatras is Strbske Pleso, which offers really professional tracks. Štrbské Pleso hosted the 19th World Winter Universiade and has been organising various professional and amateur competitions. The tracks are open for the wide public too, of course. There are various kinds of them, various levels of difficulty and their total length is 25 km.

NAME – LOCALITY Length in km Level of difficulty                 Profile
Sports area – stadium track 0,5 Easy classic+scating
Sports area – stadium track 1 Medium classic+scating
Sports area – stadium track 1,4 Medium classic+scating
Sports area – stadium track 1,6 Medium classic+scating
Sports area – stadium track 2,5 Medium classic+scating
Trail aroun the tarn – track 3 Easy classic+scating
Furkotská dolina (valley) – track 2 Difficult classic+scating
Furkotská dolina (valley) – track 2,5 Difficult classic+scating
Furkotská dolina (valley) – track 3 Difficult classic+scating
Furkotská dolina (valley) – track 4 Difficult classic+scating
Furkotská dolina (valley) – track 5 Difficult classic+scating

Seasonal close offs of tourist marked trails
These sections of hiking trails in the area of Strbske Pleso are closed from 1.11. to 15.6.

• Krivan starting at forester’s lodge called “Tri studnicky” – green mark
• Krivan starting at crossroads at Jamske pleso (tarn) – blue mark
• The Furkotska dolina starting at Chata pod Soliskom (chalet) – blue mark
• The Furkotska dolina starting at crossroads by the main path called Magistrala – yellow mark
• The Mlynicka dolina starting at vodopad Skok (waterfall) – yellow mark
• The Mengusovska dolina starting at crossroads above Zabi potok (creek) – blue mark
• Rysy starting at crossroads above Zabi potok (creek) – red mark
From 1.1. to 15.6.
• The Symbolic Cemetery below Ostrva – yellow mark in both directions

Winter hiking

1. Štrbské Pleso (1355 m) – Jamské pleso (1447 m) – Tri studničky (1141 m) – Štrbské Pleso (1355 m)
MARKING AND TIME: Štrbské Pleso – Jamské pleso (red, 1 h. 15 min.), Jamské pleso – Tri studničky (red, 1 h.), Tri studničky – Štrbské Pleso (green, 1 h. 45 min.)
Elevation: 306 m Total time: 4 hours Difficulty: easy
2. Štrbské Pleso (1355 m)-Mlynická dolina-vodopád Skok(1785m) and back
MARKING AND TIME: Štrbské Pleso – vodopád Skok (yellow, 1 h. 45 min.), back to waterfall Skok – Štrbské Pleso (yellow, 1 h. 30 min.)
Elevation: 430 m Total time: 3 hours 15 min. Difficulty: easy

Skating rink, sleigh

There is a natural skating ring at the Strbske Pleso – Nove Strbske pleso (lake).
Artificial ice rink is located next to the Hotel FIS *** at the valley station of the cable cars. Skating rink is enclosed rinks, night-lit, open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. FREE ENTRY!
Condition of both rinks dependent on weather conditions.

Ski mountaineering

Ski mountaineering combines alpine hiking and skiing and is one of the most popular sports in the High Tatras. Groomed ski slopes are ideal for ski tourers – beginners. However, they must keep maximum 2 m-distance from the right edge of the slope.

Restricted route for ski mountaineering in the area of Strbske Pleso – in the Mlynicka dolina from the vodopad Skok (waterfall) to Soliskove sedlo (sadle) and the same route back, or from the saddle to the ski slope from the Chata Solisko (chalet).

Prohibition of entry to the alpine environment from April 15 to June 15 April 15 for tourists, alpine skiers and mountain climbers.